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For professionals - Child protection medical assessment

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A child protection medical assessment is a medical assessment completed when safeguarding concerns have been raised and the assessment has been requested as part of a strategy meeting. 

This service is for:

  • children and young people (from 1 years old to 19 years old) with injuries that do not need immediate medical attention
  • children and young people with signs of neglect

Who to contact


Requesting a safeguarding medical assessment

To request a child protection medical assessment for a child or young person, call the safeguarding number 01223 218097


Concerns about urgent medical care

If there are concerns that the:

  • child or young person's injuries need urgent medical care
  • child is under 1 years old

Refer to your local acute paediatric hospital immediately. Contact the switchboard and ask to speak to the Paediatric Consultant on call.


In a medical emergency

Call 999 if it's a medical emergency.

If you have concerns about sexual abuse, contact the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) on 0800 1935 434


The doctor may feel that it is important to photograph and document any of the marks or injuries seen during the examination. This will be fully explained at the assessment. The photographs will be taken by the examining doctor. These may be used to peer review and teaching/training purposes only.

The photographs will not be sent as part of the report. The photographs will be stored securely with the child's medical records. They are not suitable for evidence in court.

What will happen at the assessment

The following steps will be taken at the assessment:

  1. You will arrive at The Peacock Centre waiting area.
  2. The child or young person will have their height and weight checked. 
  3. The doctor will take a history from the person accompanying the child or young person (parent, carer or designated social worker). They will access the child or young person's electronic record for past medical information.
  4. The doctor will then examine the child or young person. We will endeavour to have a chaperone present for the medical assessment.
  5. If there are any marks or bruises, these will be photographed and carefully documented. 

The doctor will discuss any concerns from the examination with the parent, carer or designated social worker. If appropriate, the doctor may also discuss it with you.

The doctor will discuss whether the child or young person requires any further investigations or referral to other services.

A report will be written by the doctor. This report will be sent to you, the GP, health visitor or school nurse and local acute hospital.

How to get to the assessment centre

The Peacock Centre, Cambridge

The Peacock Centre, Brookfields Hospital, 351 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3UG

Limited parking is available for patients directly outside the building.

Directions to the Peacock Centre

From the M11, exit at Junction 12 towards Cambridge/Sandy/A603. Take the 1st exit at the roundabout onto Barton Road/ A603. At the second roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Fen Causeway/ A1134, until you get to the next roundabout where you should take the 1st exit onto Trumpington Road. Then use the second exit on the roundabout to get onto Lenfield Road/A603. At the traffic lights, turn right onto Mill Road. Turn off left after approximately 1 mile to reach Brookfield's Hospital.

From the A14, exit at junction 34 to join the B1047 exit to Horningsea/Fen Ditton.Turn right onto Horningsea Road/B1047. Use any lane to turn right onto Newmarket Road/A1303. At the roundabout take 1st exit onto Barnwell Road/ A1134. At the 2nd roundabout, leave at the second exit onto Brooks Road/ A1134. Then turn right onto Brookfield's/Mill Road. Turn right into Brookfield's Hospital.

Last reviewed: 1 November, 2023

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