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Cambridgeshire Community Paediatrics

Young boy with glasses sitting next to his mum smiling and laughing Mother giving son present at home Young boy with headphones on holding a wooden block having a hearing test Adult woman crouching next to young boy with walking support. Woman is holding the boys hand. Young boy sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper with an adult sitting opposite of them. Square Cambridgeshire Children and Young Peoples Health Services Logo Young boy with Down syndrome sitting on the floor with adult woman sitting next to him and gently holding his hands.

This service is for all families with children living in Cambridgeshire. A referral is needed.

Contact us

You can contact our service Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Welcome to our service

We are paediatricians working in the Cambridgeshire community. We can help your family to best understand your child's medical needs. Together we can reach a conclusion that best describes your child's challenges and strengths to enable your family as well as health, education and social care services to best understand and support your child's needs. We are only able to see children in a clinic setting who meet our referral criteria.

Professionals - referral forms and guidance

Read our guidance on referral information required for neurodevelopmental conditions. 

For children with other concerns their GP will need to refer them directly to community paediatrics. This includes:

  • physical difficulties or disabilities
  • infants who are presenting with an obvious delay in their development or is in association with other medical conditions/genetic diagnoses

Please download the appropriate referral form below.

Please note that community paediatricians do not offer cognitive assessments, educational support or advice on school age children. Nor do they diagnose dyspraxia or specific learning difficulties.

Have your say

Please tell us about your recent experience with any of our services by answering a few simple questions. We want to hear about what you felt went well and what you think we could do differently. 

Your voice makes a difference and helps us improve our services for you and other families.

Boy looking at book whilst sitting in his parents lap. The parent is holding the book reading it to the young boy.

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