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Developmental delay

  • Child development and growing up
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Developmental delay is a term used when a child is taking longer to reach milestones compared to other children their age. Read more about genetic conditions and learning disabilities.

Adjusting to your child's developmental delay diagnosis

When your child receives a diagnosis of a developmental condition, it is normal to experience a range of different emotions. It is important to recognise all your emotions, and understand that different people in the family may respond in different ways.

Receiving a diagnosis can open doors to more specialised knowledge and to a community of people who understand your situation. For example, through support groups or online forums. It can be helpful to learn about challenges your child might face due to their condition, and strategies to support their areas of difficulty.

Use resources recommended by your health professionals and try to deal with information piece by piece as you need it. Recognise the strengths that your child has and build on these. Many parents have told us that the most helpful thing has been to focus on their child in the present, seeking love, care and play and taking things one step at a time.

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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2023

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